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Ceremony Information

COVID-19 Requirements

  • Face coverings are required for entry into Centennial Bank Stadium, and while walking within the stadium.  Once you have reached your designated seats, as long as you are maintaining physical distancing, you may remove your mask or face covering.
  • All seating is physically distanced at least six feet apart.
  • Please physically distance in any lines to enter the stadium.  Restrooms have posted occupancy levels.  Please walk on the right side of any walkways.
  • There is no robing room, processional into the venue or recessional march out of the venue.  Please come to the gate in your regalia, and when you have walked across the stage and taken your photos, please depart the stadium.

Water will be available at no charge, both for graduates on the field and for audience members in the stands.  Family in the stands are encouraged to bring their own water containers, and the usual restrictions against outside food or drink at Centennial Bank Stadium are waived for commencement.  Water for the graduates is provided by the A-State Alumni Association.

Check-in for all graduates and faculty will be located at the Registrar’s Office tent at Gate 20.  Gate 20 is at the southeast corner of Centennial Bank Stadium, near the student entrance for football games.

Only Guests with Tickets Will Be Allowed

Ticket pickup begins at 10 a.m. on Monday, Aug. 3.  The A-State Ticket Office is located at the lower red entrance of First National Bank Arena.  Be sure to bring your student ID, and tell the ticket office personnel whether you are walking in the Friday evening Summer Commencement or the Saturday morning Spring Commencement.

The ticket office will be open during regular hours (8:30 a.m. until 5 p.m.) for ticket pickup on Tuesday, Aug. 4, through Thursday, Aug. 6.  On Friday, Aug. 7, the office will close at 3 p.m. to prepare for that evening’s ceremony.

After 3 p.m. on Friday, the ticket office will open at Centennial Bank Stadium two hours prior to the start of each ceremony (5 p.m. for the Friday, Aug. 7, Summer Commencement; 7 a.m. for the Saturday, Aug. 8, Spring Commencement).

To reduce lines at the stadium, please make every effort to pick up your family tickets prior to commencement day.

If you have questions, contact the A-State Ticket Office at (870) 972-2781.

Clear Bag Policy and One-Time Exceptions

For those in attendance, please note that university’s clear bag policy will be enforced.  However, to help with the heat, the standard prohibition of outside food and drink will be waived.  You may bring your own drink containers, but no glass containers.  In case of rain and to help with the sun, umbrellas will be allowed.

The Ceremony

After remarks from the Chancellor, Provost and our student speaker, graduates will walk to the stage.

Marshalls assisting with the flow of graduates will let your row know when it is time to stand and move forward.  Please keep physical distancing by standing next to the chairs as you advance.  Move one chair or row at a time until reaching the Red Wolf spacing dots near the stage.  Please wear your mask until you reach one of the two ready spots on stage.  You may remove your mask as you walk across the stage to receive your diploma cover and your class challenge coin.  You may also remove your mask for photos afterwards.

Picking Up Your Diploma

Graduating students will be notified when diplomas will be mailed or are available for pickup at the Office of the Registrar in the Student Union following the term of graduation. Diplomas will be mailed only to graduates who complete the online form sent to them via email. Diplomas can be mailed to a Jonesboro address upon request. Diplomas will not be distributed to students who have an account balance.

Diplomas will not be distributed to students who have an account balance.

Diplomas will NOT be mailed to third parties including family members, unless written consent is provided.

If you opt to pick up your diploma from the Office of the Registrar on or after August 31st 2020, you will be required to show photo identification.

Diplomas will begin being mailed the week of August, 31st 2020 and will continue to be processed for several business days thereafter.

Did Not Receive My Diploma

First, log into Banner Self-Service and check your transcript to see if your degree has been awarded (this process takes several business days after final grades are posted)

If your degree has been awarded, next check if your student account has a zero balance. Diplomas will not be distributed to students who have an account balance. Contact the Student Accounts for information on paying your balance.

If your degree has been awarded, you have a zero balance, and you notified the Office of the Registrar to mail your diploma through the link you were provided prior to graduation, but your diploma has not arrived, please email graduation@astate.edu with your name, Student ID, and mailing address. (If you have paid off your student account since final grades were posted, you must notify graduation@astate.edu with the information listed.)

Upcoming Graduations

December 2020 Saturday Dec 19th 

  • 1 p.m. (tentative)
  • plans may change based on COVID-19 safety measures

Centennial Bank Stadium

Military Commissioning Service





Students do not have the ability to choose which commencement ceremony they participate in.

(Example: If your degree is conferred in May, you cannot walk in August or December.)

Students are expected to attend the graduation ceremony during the semester their degree is to be awarded.

Due to the postponement of the Spring/May 2020 ceremony, these graduates will be able to select from the new ceremony date of Aug. 8.  If they are not able to attend this ceremony, they may select the Fall/December 2020 or Spring/May 2021 ceremony.