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International Programs Faculty Advisory Counsil

Mission: Bringing together a diverse group of faculty in order to help international students and students studying abroad succeed.


What We Do: The council meets once a semester to go over any concerns they have in regards to students’ academic journeys and talk about new initiatives to help students be more prepared and better succeed in the classroom. The topics can range from academic issues international students face, barriers students have to study abroad, social connection issues between international and domestic students, and more.  These council members would also be the primary point of contact in that field to help international students when they have academic issues within that college. This committee is formed through International Programs and not a part of Shared Governance.


2020-2021 Council Members:

  • Dr. Claudia Benavides, Associate Professor of Sport Management and BS Sport Management Program Coordinator
  • Dr. Kris Biondolillo, Chair of Psychology and Counseling and Professor of Psychology
  • Dr. Sarah Davidson, Associate Dean of the College of Nursing and Health Professions
  • Dr. Maureen Dolan, Associate Professor of Molecular Biology and Director of the Biotechnology Program
  • Dr. Mylea Hill, Professor of Strategic Communications and Department of Communication Graduate Coordinator
  • Dr. Patricia Johnston, Interim Associate Dean of the Neil Griffin College of Business
  • Dr. Brandon Kemp, Professor of Electrical Engineering and Engineering Graduate Programs Director
  • Dr. Donald Kennedy, Associate Dean of the College of Agriculture
  • Dr. Argelia Lorence, Professor of Metabolic Engineering and Director of A-State Phenomics Facility
  • Dr. Jie Miao, Associate Chair of Mathematics and Statistics and Professor of Mathematics
  • Dr. Vicent Moreno, Assistant Chair of World Languages and Associate Professor of Spanish
  • Dr. Nikesha Nesbitt, Associate Dean of University College and Program Director of Nontraditional Studies
  • Dr. Jake Qualls, Chair of the Department of Computer Science
  • Dr. Chi Young Song, Coordinator of Strings and Assistant Professor of Violin and Viola
  • Ms. Mallory Yarbrough, Director of International Programs, Chair of the IPFAC