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Diversity Mission & Vision

A message from the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Diversity and Community Engagement

At A-State, diversity isn't something we "do."  Diversity is a realty.  We have a wonderful mix of faculty, statt, and students on our campus who hail from a variety of regions both within and outside the U.S.  In fact, our student body represents a total of 68 counties throughout the world.  Taking a look inside those groups will reveal still other differences in terms of personality, culture, religious beliefs, and functional background.  In order to leverage our diversity, we must be intentional about creating a supportive environment - one where everyone is treated fairly and with respect; one where everyone has equal access to resources and opportunities; and one where everyone feels they are valued and that they belong despite differences in race, ethnicity, color, gender, religion, sexual identity, or socio-economic status.

Our diversity makes us better - better problem solvers, better communicators, better thinkers, and better citizens.  We understand the  positive effects that challenging our existing values, beliefs, and assumptions will have on our ability to meet the demands of a changing world.  We firmly believe that being better is making sure that our student body has individuals they can look to as consistent and meaningful reflections of themselves and to their limitless possibilities.  We understand that while all faculty and staff are expected to serve as positive role models for our students, the fact remains that many minority students and students in general, are drawn to those with whom they feel familiar and comofrtable.  We are committed to designing and implementing programs, and processes that our students have such role models.

Diversity is a realty on our campus.  When we accept each person on our campus as an equal and valued member of our community, we will be successful in leveraging our diversity.  It is important that we are known by our commitment to diversity as evidenced by our inclusive work and learning environment, our acceptance of differences as positive and enriching and our ability to attract, retain and advance a diverse faculty, staff, and student body.  This is our vision.


Maurice D. Gipson, J.D.

Assistant Vice Chancellor for Diversity and Community Engagement