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Co-Curricular Assessment Fellow

Project, Learning Outcomes, Goals, and Objectives 2019-20


Project: Co-curricular student learning assessment campaigns for awareness and engagement within A-State’s co-curricular learning units

Learning Outcomes: The University Learning Outcomes (ULO) for creative and critical thinking, communication, social and civic responsibility, and diversity and globalization

Annual Goals:

  • Collaborate with co-curricular unit leaders to develop an awareness and engagement communications campaign to garner more interest in co-curricular learning opportunities
  • Train co-curricular leaders in communication tactics
  • Assist with developing, collecting, and analyzing data from campaign
  • Distribute data to co-curricular unit leaders
  • Develop, if needed, action plans to improve engagement with students and thus student learning 

Specific Objectives:

  • Collaborate with each of the ten co-curricular units on campus to develop a communications campaign plan unique to their context
  • Coordinate, execute, and evaluate the communication campaign with each of the ten co-curricular units
  • Mentor each co-curricular leader on the ethical use of communications technology and survey software in gathering data for the awareness and engagement campaign and student-learning assessment