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Paying for College

Arkansas State has provided assistance to students who need help in meeting their education expenses for over 100 years, enabling us to seek out the most outstanding students in the world and open our doors to students of exceptional ability and promise, regardless of their financial circumstances.

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Over 90% of undergraduates will receive institutional financial aid in 2012-13. In the past five years we have increased our financial aid significantly, enhancing our program to ensure the affordability of higher education even in these challenging economic times. 

We're here to help you pay for college

We understand that the thought of financing four years of college can be a daunting prospect for anyone, and we are eager to help you and your family understand our financial aid programs and assist you in finding ways to meet your college costs.

In this "Paying for College" section, you can find everything you need as an incoming freshmen.  To search for additional information, visit the Financial Aid & Scholarships department page.

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