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The Arkansas State University Concurrent Program

The A-State Concurrent Program is a partnership between the university and high schools to offer qualified high school students the opportunity to satisfy both high school and university credit requirements simultaneously through specific concurrent credit courses. Concurrent course offerings use the same curriculum as courses taught at the university while providing high school students with the opportunity to acquire some credit in college level general education courses.

Nationally Accredited

The A-State concurrent credit program is accredited by the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnership (NACEP). NACEP accreditation is an international symbol of quality, excellence and rigor.

The National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP)

Concurrent Classes Spotlight

Current Students Perspective

Three students, Amber Sanders, Austin Sandy, and Shawn Lawrence, talk about their experiences with concurrent classes in high school, how it helped them at A-State, and what step high school students can take.