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  • Fabricio Medina-Bolivar
    Faculty Spotlight
    Medina-Bolivar Gives Plenary Address

    Dr. Fabricio Medina-Bolivar was an invited Plenary Speaker at the 5th International Conference on Resveratrol and Health. His talk was titled “Sustainable Bioproduction and Biological Activities of Prenylated Stilbenoids”.

  • Lisa Rice
    Faculty Spotlight
    Congratulations Dr. Rice

    and her colleagues on publishing “The calculus concept inventory: a psychometric analysis and implications for use” in the Intl Jrnl of Mathematics Education in Science and Technology. The CCI was analyzed for its validity and reliability.

  • William Paulsen
    Faculty Spotlight
    Gamma Triads

    Congratulations to Dr. William Paulsen, Professor of Mathematics, for his paper, titled “Gamma Triads”, to be published in the The Ramanujan Journal.

  • Dr. Damphousse, Dr. Hood and Dr Huggins
    Women of the Year

    Congratulations to Dr. Julie Huggins and Dr. Beth Hood. They were both awarded Woman of the Year by the A-State chapter of the Business and Professional Women group.

  • Clay Heern
    Student Spotlight
    REU Symposium

    Mr. Clay Heern presented at the Council on Undergraduate Research REU Symposium in Washington DC, Oct. 28-29. Clay is a BSE Mathematics major who works with Computer Science faculty, Dr. X. Huang, Mr. J. Qualls and Dr. J. Causey on the project.

  • STEM Fest
    Photo Gallery
    Thunder Over the Rock: STEM Fest

    Photos from the College's trip to the largest Arkansas STEM festival have been posted.

  • Rebecca Cooper, Tanja McKay and Jennifer Bouldin
    Research Spotlight
    Bees and Soybeans Research

    Dr. Jennifer Bouldin is principal investigator for a $149,988 grant from a division of the USDA. She and co-PIs Dr. Tanja McKay and Rebecca Cooper will conduct research on native bee species that are pollinating Arkansas soybean fields.

  • Dr. Maureen Dolan
    Faculty Spotlight
    Congratulations Dr. Dolan

    Who is the PI and program director of a grant from the NIFA program of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The project will use sustainable plant-based bioengineering technology to produce a safer disease management product for use in aquaculture.

  • Faculty Spotlight
    Izadyar Invited to Write Article Review

    Dr. Anahita Izadyar, associate professor of chemistry, was invited to write a review article for the journal Electroanalysis, based on her scientific background.

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