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Tom Risch


Dr. Tom Risch

Chair, Department of Biological Science

Professor of Animal Ecology

Phone: 870-972-3082
Office: Lab Science East, 201


Travis Marsico


Dr. Travis Marsico

Associate Professor and Associate Chair

Curator of STAR Herbarium

Phone: 870-680-8191
Office: Lab Science East, 414


Summer Brumwell


Summer Brumwell

Administrative Specialist II

Phone: 870-972-8569
Office: Lab Science East, 202


Pamela Harrell


Pamela Harrell

Fiscal Support Specialist

Phone: 870-972-2888
Office: Lab Science East, 202A




John Artim


John Artim

Temporary Assistant Professor

Phone: 870-972-3649

Office: Lab Science East, 316


Bob Bennett


Dr. Bob Bennett

Associate Professor of Environmental Biology

Phone: 870-972-3289

Office: Lab Science West, 330C


Jennifer Bouldin


Dr. Jennifer Bouldin

Professor of Environmental Biology

Director of the Ecotoxicology Research Facility

Phone: 870-972-2570

Office: Ecotox Facility, 113A


Than Boves


Dr. Than Boves

Assistant Professor of Ecology

Phone: 870-972-3320

Office: Lab Science East, 315


Carole Cramer


Dr. Carole Cramer

Professor of Molecular Biology

Phone: 870-680-4307

Office: Arkansas Biosciences Institute, 309


Jill Czerwonky


Jill Czerwonky

Temporary Instructor of Biology

Educational Outreach Coordinator K-12

Phone: (870) 680-8586

Office: Lab Science West, 340


Maureen Dolan


Dr. Maureen Dolan

Associate Professor of Molecular Biology

Phone: 870-680-4359

Office: Arkansas Biosciences Institute, 311


Jerry Farris


Dr. Jerry Farris

Distinguished Professor of Environmental Biology

Phone: 870-680-8151

Office: Lab Science East, 413


Brook Fluker


Dr. Brook Fluker

Assistant Professor of Aquatic Ecology

Curator of Fishes

Phone: (870) 972-3253

Office: Ecotox Building, 113B


Diane Gilmore


Dr. Diane Gilmore

Instructor of Biology

Phone: 870-680-8083

Office: Lab Science East, 415


David Gilmore


Dr. David Gilmore

Associate Professor of Environmental Biology

Phone: 870-972-3263

Office: Lab Science East, 418


Anne Grippo


Dr. Anne Grippo

Interim Dean

Professor of Biology

Phone: 870-972-3493

Office: Lab Science West, 552


Kari Harris


Kari Harris

Temporary Instructor of Biology

Student Club Coordinator

Phone: (870) 680-8587

Office: Lab Science East, 417


Julie Huggins


Dr. Julie Huggins

Instructor of Biology

Phone: 870-972-3555

Office: Lab Science West, 550


Martin Huss


Dr. Martin Huss

Associate Professor of Botany

Phone: 870-972-3124

Office: Lab Science East, 317


Ronald Johnson


Dr. Ronald Johnson

Professor of Biology

Phone: 870-972-2366

Office: Lab Science East, 321


Tracy Klotz


Tracy Klotz

Technical Support

Instructor of Biology

Phone: 870-972-3143

Office: Lab Science East, 318


Tanja McKay


Dr. Tanja McKay

Director of Environmental Sciences

Professor of Entomology

Phone: 870-972-3240

Office: Lab Science East, 313


Fabricio Medina-Bolivar


Dr. Fabricio Medina-Bolivar

Professor of Metabolic Engineering

Phone: 870-680-4319

Office: Arkansas Biosciences Institute, 308


Lori Neuman-Lee


Dr. Lori Neuman-Lee

Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences

Phone: 870-972-3111

Office: Lab Science East, 320


Virginie Rolland


Dr. Virginie Rolland

Associate Professor of Quantitative Wildlife Ecology

Phone: 870-972-3194

Office: Lab Science East, 314


Noelle Sanchez


Noelle Sanchez

Instructor of Biology


Paul Sikkel


Dr. Paul Sikkel

Associate Professor of Biology

Phone: 870-972-3296

Office: Lab Science East, 412


Malathi Srivatsan


Dr. Malathi Srivatsan

Professor of Neurobiology and Director of Molecular Biosciences

Phone: 870-972-3167

Office: Arkansas Biosciences Institute, 205


Nathan Stephens


Nathan Stephens

Temporary Instructor of Biology

Phone: 870-680-8189

Office: Lab Science East, 210


Christopher Thigpen


Christopher Thigpen

Instructor of Biology

Phone: 870-680-8468

Office: Lab Science West, 146


Asela Wijeratne


Dr. Asela Wijeratne

Director of Biotechnology Program

Instructor of Bioinformatics

Phone: 870-972-3311

Office: Arkansas Biosciences Institute, 303


Guolei Zhou


Dr. Guolei Zhou

Associate Professor of Biology

Phone: 870-680-8588

Office: ABI, 209




John Harris


John Harris

Adjunct Professor Department of Biological Sciences

Curator of Fishes and Mollusks

Phone: 501-961-1419


Michele Reba


Michele Reba

Adjunct Professor of Biological Sciences

Research Hydrologist - USDA, Agricultural Research Service - National Sedimentation Laboratory

Phone: 870-972-3082