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Fine Art Center Gallery Installation

The Fine Arts Center Gallery exhibits a wide range of original work by professional artists from around the country. It is host to the Art Student Union Juried Exhibition and other student projects.

The gallery is an integral part of the program, allowing students to directly experience the work of contemporary artists. In addition to an ambitious exhibitions program, the FAC Gallery events include lectures and gallery talks which are free and open to the public.


Tiffany Calvert:Rainbow Chaos

Artist's Statement

Tiffany Calvert’s painting draws on historical and contemporary imagery to explore the shifting nature of perception. Her work is primarily concerned with fragmenting and obstructing images, interrupting the transmission of visual information in order to create an opening for the viewer. Composed of diffuse brushstrokes, Calvert’s paintings generate an image that hovers in suspension, simultaneously on the verge of rupture and cohesion.

Calvert’s concern with obstructing vision links up with the long history of modern painting, and is indebted to the work of Cezanne and the early impressionists. As Charles Millard has argued, information was often “unseeable” in such work. Cezanne’s images in particular are “dense to the point of opacity.” For Calvert, painting’s legacy of perplexing images dovetails with the mutability of visual information in our contemporary, everyday lives.

Recently, Calvert has begun to investigate the assiduous detail of Dutch and Flemish still life paintings. The overwhelming amount of visual information in this work often confuses rather than clarifies. Calvert uses this effect as an opportunity to explore the abstraction inherent in representation. In some works, Calvert makes painterly interventions into large-scale reproductions of still life paintings, matching paint to the original and camouflaging it into the image. The result is a painting that is “unseeable” - viewers can’t rely on their perception to know whether they are looking at a photograph or an abstraction.

Calvert’s studio practice alternates between painterly concerns and the critical and theoretical issues surrounding representation and reliability. She currently works in paint, fresco and digital media. Her research interests extend to media theory in reality television and surveillance, and the effect of media on the substantiation of the image.

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