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Medical Imaging &
Radiation Sciences

Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences

The Radiologic Sciences Programs at Arkansas State University were established in 1981. Since the establishment of the first program, the university has added four baccalaureate degree major emphases as well as several minor areas of study. The faculty and students of the programs have established a reputation for quality education and clinical experience in the radiologic and imaging sciences.

Career Ready Graduates

Graduates are surpassing national averages on national boards and have proven themselves in the work force, according to the various employers that hire them. We offer programs in several areas of study, including:

• Radiography
• Diagnostic Medical Sonography
• Nuclear Medicine
• Cardiac Sonography
• Vascular Sonography

• Radiation Therapy
• Computed Tomography
• Magnetic Resonance Imaging


The philosophy of the radiologic and imaging sciences programs is based on the concept that a curriculum in higher education should include coursework that will help students acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes that will contribute to an understanding of self and the world, promote effectiveness in meeting civic, occupational, and personal challenges, enhance appreciation of the range and depth of human knowledge and experience, and encourage the desire and ability to continue learning.

The programs are dedicated to providing a foundation from which inquiry and research in the radiologic sciences may proceed, in fostering a full spectrum of professional education from continuing education through the highest levels available, and in doing so through the creation of a student-friendly environment focused toward meeting the needs of practicing clinicians as well as entry-level clinical specialists.

Within the boundaries of these precepts, the radiologic sciences programs at Arkansas State University offer professional career preparation in the area of the radiologic sciences.

Job Openings

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Our department is constantly getting requests to post job openings for regional health care facilities. 

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