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ABET approved Engineering Criteria 2000 in November 1996, a radically new set of criteria for accrediting US engineering programs. The College of Engineering began preparing to meet the new criteria in early 2000 and formed the Engineering Advisory Council as an initial step.


Initially, the goal of the Advisory Council was to assist the College in defining the objectives and desired outcomes for the BSE degree program that fulfill our educational mission and best serve the needs of our constituents. After program objectives were defined in September 2001, the Advisory Council helped to structure an assessment process to evaluate whether or not these program objectives and their associated outcomes were being achieved. The process of defining, assessing, and periodically modifying program objectives and outcomes for the BSE degree program is a continuous process, and thus, the Advisory Council has a permanent role in guiding the BSE degree program at ASU.

With the recent expansion of programs in the College to include BSCE, BSEE, BSME, and MEM degree programs, the Advisory Council has been charged with additional, broader responsibilities to promote the overall mission of College of Engineering. The Advisory Council assists with activities such as guiding new program development, obtaining internships and permanent employment opportunities for graduates, making connections with regional employers that provide senior design projects, seeking funding sources for student projects and the capital campaign, and other tasks important to the College of Engineering.

Civil Engineering Council Membership

Craig Light - City of Jonesboro

Dean Massey - Scurlock Industries

Alan Meadors - ArDOT (retired)

Aaron Robinson - Bond Consulting

Elisha Wright-Kehner -  Arlamas Department of Transporation

Electrical Engineering Council Membership

Anthony Cook, Chair - Southwest Power Pool 

Keith Blocker - Craighead Electric Cooperative Corporation

Mike Cathey - Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

Garland Martin - FMH Conveyors

Susan Merideth - City Water & Light

Chris Poole - White River Medical Center
David Williamson - Automation Outfitters

Victor Nutt - NUCOR


David Beasley - Consultant

Greg Goodner - Hytrol Conveyor Co., Inc.
Randi Huckaby - Camfil APC

Tim Jumper - Thomas and Betts
Rick White - City Water & Light

Leigh Wineland - Unilever

Kennon Woodard - American Greetings

Student Members

Sydney Allgeier, CE
Justin Barnes, EE
Benjamin Bush, ME

Faculty Members

Shivan Haran - Director of Mechanical Engineering
Shubha Kher - Director of Electrical Engineering
Jason Stewart, P.E. - Director of Civil Engineering