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Cooperative Research and Extension

The ASU College of Agriculture and Technology enjoys a strong cooperative relationship with the state’s land-grant institution, the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture, which oversees the Arkansas Agricultural Experiment Station and the Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service.  

The following ASU faculty and staff members have formal joint appointments with the Arkansas Agricultural Experiment Station for the purpose of conducting targeted collaborative research:

Dr. Jennifer Bouldin 


ecotoxicology, agricultural water quality

Dr. Steve Green

soil science, soil and water conservation

Dr. Tanja McKay 


veterinary entomology 

Dr. Greg Phillips 


rice biotechnology

Dr. Cal Shumway 


agronomy, weed science

Dr. Tina Gray Teague


cotton entomology, cotton sustainability

Dr. Paul Armah 


biofuels/biobased economics program

The following Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service faculty member is stationed at the ASU College of Agriculture and Technology:

Mr. Scott Stiles 

Arkansas Farm Risk Management

The main office for the ASU Cooperative Research and Extension program is located in the Agriculture Building Room 227.  Ms. Chris Jones serves as the Accounting Technician for this office.

The ASU College of Agriculture and Technology, the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture, and the Judd Hill Foundation have a cooperative research location at the Judd Hill Plantation outside Trumann, AR.  

Up to 100 acres have been set aside by the Judd Hill Foundation for the exclusive use of scientists from both institutions to conduct research and extension activities on a fully operational commercial cotton farm.   The Judd Hill Plantation hosts an Annual Cotton Technology Field Day on the Thursday just prior to Labor Day, where scientists from both institutions as well as companies involved in the cotton industry showcase their latest findings or products.