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Scanning Services

Electronic Scanning and Test Scoring

The Testing Center provides high quality electronic scanning and test scoring to ASU faculty and departments. To utilize these services, contact Kim Price at 972-2038 or via e-mail: kprice@astate.edu.

Drop off/Pickup

  • You may drop off test material to be scored at the Testing Center (Student Union Rm 3034) M-F from 8:15 a.m. until 4:45 p.m.
  • Testing Center staff will notify you when your tests are scored and ready for pick-up.

Preparing Tests for Scoring

  • To submit tests for scoring, please place student response documents and an answer key in a manila envelope.
  • Complete a Test Scoring Cover Sheet and attach to the outside of the envelope. It is very important that you complete this form in its entirety, so that the scanner can provide you with the materials that you need and request. Test Scoring Cover Sheet are available at the Testing Center and can be e-mailed to you as an attachment.
  • If you are having tests scored for different sections, please separate them by section.
  • Be sure that students have filled in proper ID bubbles and test version if there are 2 or more key versions. ID must remain consistent to the student throughout the semester. ID for all students in a class must be the 8 digit ASU ID number. ID numbers must be bubbled in on every exam throughout the semester.
  • Be sure that bubbles are filled in dark and completely and that ONLY pencils are used (felt markers and ink pens cannot be read by the scanner).

Detailed step-by-step directions on how to fill out the test scoring form are found on the back of the Test Scoring Cover Sheet.

The Testing Center also provides scanning services for faculty evaluations and faculty research upon advance request. All special requests take a secondary priority to test scanning. If your department has a special need, contact us for more information.

To request Scantron sheets print and complete the Scantron Request Receipt Form. Scantron sheets will not be given without the receipt form.

Download the Test Scoring Cover Sheet here >>
Scantron Request Form >>