Welcome to Arkansas State University!

Listed below are some of the treatment fees at the Student Health Center. All charges are applied to your student account and must be paid by the end of the semester to avoid a hold. *The prices and services offered below are subject to change. Other services may be available as needed.

Sick Visit

Blood Pressure Check

Influenza Vaccination (injections)

Influenza Swab Test

Glucose Check

Total Cholesterol

Mono Check

Strep 'A' Check

Hemoglobin/Anemia Check

Allergy Injection Fee

Tuberculin Skin Test
$10 per injection, Reading free

Tetanus & Diptheria Injection

Measles, Mumps & Rubella (MMR) Injection
$70 per injection 
2 needed to complete series

Hepatitis A & B
$65 per injection 
3 needed to complete series

Rocephin Injection
1 gm $30.00/500 mg $15.00

Urine Pregnancy Test

Blood Pregnancy Test

Varicella Titer

Well Physicals Exam (include Hgb, UA)

HIV Test w/Counseling

Pap Smear 

Gonorrhea & Chlamydia Testing

HSV Culture 


Wound Culture

Incision & Drainage (I & D)