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Residence Hall Association (RHA) is a student government organization designed specifically for the on-campus community. RHA is a national association which boasts of being the largest student run organization in the world. All on-campus residents are automatically members of RHA.

Active members are given the opportunity to attend regional and national leadership conferences each year at no cost to them. At these conferences, attendees experience different programs that they can bring to campus and create lasting friendships with people across the nation.

By providing fun, on-campus programs RHA works to better its members' leadership skills and enrich the community.


RHA is the main governing branch of the residence halls. Underneath the RHA Body is all of the individual Hall/Area Councils.

Students bring their issues and concerns to the RHA Body which then works to accomplish the task at hand. The issues RHA has solved include getting numbers placed on all of the area buildings, having crosswalks and more street lamps installed and lobbying to have the a computer lab become a 24-hour computer lab.

RHA works out of a yearly budget. The yearly budget comes from the money students pay to live in the residence halls. The RHA Body votes on how this money is spent. Since it is YOUR money that is being used, it is important to have a say in how that money is spent. The only way to vote is by physically attending the meetings.


An Area Council, is the representative body of the residence hall you live in. It is the legislative voice of the residents. All area councils operate under the rules and guidelines of their individual constitutions and the RHA Constitution. Hall Council meetings are the best place to first express opinions and views residents have on any issues regarding your specific residence hall community. After which, the issues can be brought to the RHA General Body meeting to handle.

All Hall Councils have a yearly budget. These funds come from the money students spend to live on-campus. Hall Councils can use this money to put on programs for their residence hall, for their community, or almost any event they see fit. They can also use this money to improve their residence hall (buying a Wii for the hall, installing a theater room, etc.).

Members of an area council vote on how the money will be spent. Since it is YOUR money that is being used, it is important to have a say in how that money is distributed. The only way to vote is to physically attend the meetings.

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