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Services from the Office of the Registrar support every currently registered student and former student at Arkansas State University as well as all faculty and staff members who interact with those students. The Registrar is housed in the Student Union on the second floor.

Serving the entire campus population

The Office of the Registrar is responsible for academic and classroom scheduling, student enrollment, registration, grading and academic records maintenance, transfer credit articulation, degree audits, monitoring undergraduate general education requirements, degree awarding, course evaluations, student data/statistical analysis, veterans benefits, FERPA compliance, and transcript services. These responsibilities, assignments and services are completed within institutional policies and standards as well as related state and federal laws and regulations.

Important Upcoming Registration Dates

Fall 2019

Classes Begin:
August 19th

Late Registration:
ends August 30th, 12:00PM

Last Day to Drop Session I:
September 24th

Session II Classes Begin:
October 10th

Session II Late Registration:
ends October 10th

Spring 2020 Registration:
October 30th-31st, Upper level & Graduate

November 1st, Freshmen & Sophomore

Last Day to Drop/Withdraw:
November 13th

8-Semester Degree Plans

To access a complete 8-semester degree plan, select the degree from the Degrees Offered page and look under "Important Files" for the degree plan year you'd like to view.

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