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Applying for Teacher Licensure

Applying for Licensure

1. Applications

Applications may be obtained from Dr. Mary Jane Bradley in the Professional Education Programs (PEP) Office. These should be completed and returned to her by your graduation date, or shortly thereafter. If you cannot obtain an application during the semester, applications will be available at the exit meeting. You may fill it out at that time and submit it as directed at the end of the exit meeting along with official transcripts of any transfer work and test results.

2. Transcripts

If you have ever attended another university or junior college, you must have an official copy of those transcripts sent directly to Dr. Bradley to be included in your application packet. We cannot use the ones you initially sent to ASU-- you must order new ones for the licensure process. If you fail to do this, it will detain your license.

3. Assistance

If you have any questions concerning licensure or the applications, please feel free to call Dr. Bradley at (870)972-2099 in the PEP office. Please return forms to: Dr. Mary Jane Bradley, Professional Education Programs Office, P.O. Box 720, State University, AR 72467

4. Fingerprints

To maintain the status of your Non-Criminal Background Check (NCBC) check the website at the state department. To check the website, open a web browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape, etc). Then enter the web address of http://aregs.state.ar.us. Use agency or admin for login and also for the password. Click on login, click on Arkansas Professional Licensure System, click on applicant search, click on continue, enter your social security number, click on search, click on the white circle under select, click on PL Limited View. In the left hand corner the NCBC status will be pending until cleared. Once it has been cleared, the NCBC status will be approved.