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Where do I order office Supplies? 

You may choose to use either Staples or Goddess Products Inc/Office Depot for your office supply purchases.   


Staples is an E & I Cooperative office supplier for ASU.

Staples On Line Training Information

Goddess Products Inc/Office Depot

Office Depot/Goddess Products
Recently the Office of State Procurement (OSP) in Little Rock ended the state office supply contract with Office Depot as a standalone supplier. In order to assist agencies in the effort to meet the goals established in the Economic Development for Minority Business Act, Act 1222 of 2009, agencies are now allowed to purchase office supplies from two certified minority vendors. Office Depot has partnered with Goddess Products Inc., a minority enterprise headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas. 

What is the procedure for food purchases? 

Food Purchase Requests

Departments must complete the Food Purchase Request form when using state funds to purchase food. The form is to be used for food purchases for on or off campus events not provided by Sodexo, Inc., our Dining Services vendor. The form is not required when food is purchased using A-State Foundation or Student Agency funds.

  • On-Campus facilities include all buildings on the Jonesboro campus with the exception of the Judd Hill Center.
  • Off-Campus facilities include restaurants, parks, and other establishments not on the Jonesboro campus.

On-Campus Official Functions

  • Food purchased for an on-campus function should be purchased through Sodexo, Inc.
  • The Food Purchase Request form must be approved by Sodexo, Inc., PRIORto ordering from an off campus vendor.

Required Approvals

  • All food purchase requests for off-campus official functions must be approved by the department head, chair, dean, and vice chancellor PRIOR to the event.
  • Once Sodexo, Inc., has approved the request, the department can submit a requisition for approval, along with the Food Purchase Request form.

 The Food Purchase Request form is not required for the following purchases. The function must be documented on the requisition or p-card log.

  • Food purchases provided by Sodexo
  • Classroom experiment food
  • Coffee & supplies for University guests only
  • Candy for community fairs, recruitment trips, and other University functions. Candy for the department is not
  • Meals outside of Jonesboro

For more information, see Operating Procedure 05-09 and the Food Purchase Request form on Procurement Services’ web site.

What are some minority owned businesses in the area?