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Adopt a Dollhouse!

Help get ASU Museum's fabulous Dollhouses back on exhibit by contributing to the Dollhouse Fund!

Beloved by audiences, the Museum's Dollhouses were retired from exhibit after being continuously on display for many years. Their exhibit cases were in need of repair, and the Dollhouses themselves were suffering from prolonged exposure to light, dust, and vibrations from foot traffic.

We are now cleaning the Dollhouses, but need help refurbishing their exhibit cases. With your contributions, we will be able to exhibit them again on a conservation-wise schedule and to improve their preservation conditions when they are "resting" in storage.

Visit the five Dollhouses to decide how you can help. All donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

Tudor House

Outside of the Tudor House

Victorian House

Outside of the Victorian House

Country Store

"Andersons' Mercantile"

Outside of the Country Store

Colonial House

Outside of the Colonial House

Country Home

Outside the Country Home