Welcome to Arkansas State University!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there scholarships available specifically for non-traditional students? 

ASU does not issue scholarships specifically for non-traditional students. However, there is a Single Parent Scholarship that is available. Visit http://www.aspsf.org/county_craighead.html for more information. Please contact the office of Financial Aid & Scholarships to explore other options for financial assistance.

What housing options are available for non-traditional students? 

The Village, located on ASU's campus, is for non-traditional and graduate students. For more information on the criteria and application process please contact Residence Life.

Where can I find childcare?

There are many facilities in the Jonesboro area. There is a facility located on campus, Childhood Services, but it is not affiliated with ASU. Call 870-972-3055 for more information.

What kinds of programs/activities are available for non-traditional students?

The Office of Non-Traditional Services provides programming throughout the school year that is geared toward non-traditional students. Grab-N-Go Mondays, educational workshops, and Parents Night Out are just a few activities that you will enjoy. We also host several programs that are family-friendly such as movie night and Spring Fling. Take a look at our Upcoming Events for more details.

How do I submit a suggestion for a program or service?

Any ideas or suggestions should be sent to astatemc@astate.edu.