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There are lots of tips and tricks for Blackboard. Each week a new Tip of the Week will be posted on the Home and Support tabs in Blackboard Learn. The Tip of the Week will also be posted here for future reference.

  • How do I check that my assignment was submitted?

    When you submit an assignment successfully, the Review Submission History page appears with information about your submitted assignment and a success message with a confirmation number. You can copy and save this number as proof of your submission. For assignments with multiple attempts, you receive a different number for each submission.

    Click here to view a sample image

    You may review your submission through the My Grades area of your course. If your assignment has been submitted, select the assignment's title to access the Review Submission History page.

  • Test Taking Tips

    When taking a quiz, text or exam in Blackboard Learn, it is strongly recommended that students:

    • Use a computer that is "plugged into" both a high speed Internet connection and a power source.
    • Do not use a wireless connection when taking a quiz, test or exam.
    • Do not allow the exam to sit open for a long period of time without marking an answer. The screen will time out and kick you out of the exam. This is a security feature in Blackboard.
    • Use Firefox, unless a proctor or a lock-down browser is required by your instructor.
    • Make sure that your Java is up to date.
  • How to hide old courses in your My Courses module

    Users have the ability to hide old courses in the My Courses module.

    1. Select the gear icon at the top right corner of the module.
    2. On the Personalize: My Courses page, you can choose which courses appear in your My Courses module and Submit.

    For assistance with editing your My Courses module, contact the Help Desk at (870) 972-3933.

  • How to Clear Cache and Cookies

    Do you sometimes get that red error message? Your browser may be caching - trying to use older, saved, information in order to run faster. Clearing your cache and cookies will help correct many issues you may experience with Blackboard or other websites.

    How to clear your cache and cookies

    For assistance with clearing your cache and cookies, contact the Help Desk at (870) 972-3933.

  • How to Exapnd the Text Editor

    The Text Editor lets users create professional, vibrant content wherever they can create blocks of text.  Use the links below to learn more.

    How to Expand the Text Editor

    What does the Text Editor Do?