Welcome to Arkansas State University!

International Ambassadors


Abdeljalil El Assali

Hometown: Abu Dhabi

Home Country: UAE

Major: Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

Language Spoken: Arabic & English

Favorite thing about A-State: The community of the University, education and international services.

Favorite Foods: Moroccan food is my favorite, but I also like Middle Eastern food.

Why Am I An International Ambassador: Because I admire to help international students and guide them through anything.

daiki resize

Daiki Itoh

Hometown: Kanagawa

Home Country: Japan

Major: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Languages Spoken: Japanese & English

Why A-State: They offer many fields of study and the environment is great! Also, the tuition fee is affordable to students.

Favorite Professor: Dr. Causey in Computer Science. He teaches the material really well. Whenever I ask questions, he is always willing to help me out.

Why I Am An International Ambassador: I like to help not just Japanese students, but all international students to mingle into society and A-State. I want to help them have the best experience at this university.

                                   izzeldin ahmed

Izzeldin Ahmed

Hometown: Tuti

Home Country: Sudan

Major: Bachelor of Science in Biology and Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry

Languages Spoken: Arabic & English

Why I Chose A-State: I chose A- State because it has a good Biology program; people are very kind; and it’s all packed in an affordable cost for a student.

Favorite Food on Campus:  Chick Fil A sandwiches because they have the best chicken in Jonesboro!

Why I Am An International Ambassador:  I enjoy helping and interacting with people whenever I can, and since I know how hard it can be being an international student, I chose to become an international ambassador.

                                madhu sheela pakala

Madhu Sheela Pakala

Hometown: Hyderabad

Home Country: India

Major: Professional Science Master in Biotechnology

Languages Spoken: English, Hindi and Telugu

Why A-State: A-State provides a high-quality degree and ABI collaborate the research in both agriculture and medical research.  Graduating through A-State, I will have a successful career in my field.

Why I Am An International Ambassador: With my best experience as an international student, I can help and advise the other international students about living and resources on campus.


Trang Kieu Nguyen

Hometown: Ho Chi Minh City

Home Country: Vietnam

Major: Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Health Care Administration

Languages Spoken: Vietnamese & English

Favorite Campus Building & Why: Humanities Building because of its artistic interior design and Einstein Bros. Bagels inside!  

Favorite Professor: Mr. Tyler Zeigler is a really nice professor who teaches me one of my favorite classes: Issues in Healthcare Administration. He has been working in the corporate world, so he gives us lots of insight into the industry

Favorite Memory of A-State: Having a Christmas meal at the Chancellor’s house


Yeon Jae (Jessica) Lee

Hometown: Seoul

Home Country: South Korea

Major: Master of Business Administration

Languages Spoken: Korean & English

Favorite Memory of A-State: Having a BBQ party in the A-State Pavilion with Korean students after the mid-term exams. The weather was perfect, and the food was great!

Favorite Campus Building & Why: My favorite A-State building is the Fine Arts Building (where the Department of Music is located). On the second floor, there are pianos open for the public. I like to go there on the weekend to play the piano and other instruments with other students all together!

Favorite Food On-Campus: Einstein Bros. Bagels located in the A-State Humanities building is my favorite! I enjoy having the cinnamon sugar bagel with a strawberry banana smoothie for brunch.


Yue Pan

Hometown: Shanghai

Home Country: China

Major: Master of Business Administration with a concentration in healthcare administration

Languages Spoken: Mandarin & English

Why I Am An International Ambassador: I am willing to help international students get through their tough times, and it will be an unforgettable experience in my life.  

Favorite place on Campus and why: Library! I have found so many interesting books there and the museum inside is full of fun.

Favorite things about A-State: Nice people, beautiful campus, and Einstein Bros. Bagels!!