Welcome to Arkansas State University!

International Ambassadors

Our International Ambassadors are located in offices N222 and N224 of the International Programs Building. Please stop by to get your questions answered or just to say hi!

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Daiki Itoh

Hometown: Kanagawa

Home Country: Japan

Major: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Languages Spoken: Japanese & English

Why A-State: They offer many fields of study and the environment is great! Also, the tuition fee is affordable to students.

Favorite Professor: Dr. Causey in Computer Science. He teaches the material really well. Whenever I ask questions, he is always willing to help me out.

Why I Am An International Ambassador: I like to help not just Japanese students, but all international students to mingle into society and A-State. I want to help them have the best experience at this university.

izzeldin ahmed

Izzeldin Ahmed

Hometown: Tuti

Home Country: Sudan

Major: Bachelor of Science in Biology and Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry

Languages Spoken: Arabic & English

Why I Chose A-State: I chose A- State because it has a good Biology program; people are very kind; and it’s all packed in an affordable cost for a student.

Favorite Food on Campus:  Chick Fil A sandwiches because they have the best chicken in Jonesboro!

Why I Am An International Ambassador:  I enjoy helping and interacting with people whenever I can, and since I know how hard it can be being an international student, I chose to become an international ambassador.

Linh Phan

Hometown: Quang Binh Province

Home Country: Vietnam

Major: Graphic Design

Language Spoken: Vietnamese and English

Favorite Place on Campus: I enjoy the vibe of our school's Fine Arts Center.  There are a lot of wonderful artworks along the hallways of the building.

Favorite Food on Campus: I highly recommend the bagels at Einstein Bros (inside the HSS building) or the croissants of the Starbucks store as well.

Why Am I An International Ambassador: I am an International Ambassador because I love making new friends and connecting with people.  Besides, I want to help international students with getting over some of their problems when they find the University's environment unfamiliar.

Why I Choose A-State: I chose this school because this state is said to be peaceful and "Nature-Friendly".  Besides, the fees are pretty affordable.

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Raveena Kondasani

Hometown: Hyderabad

Home Country: India

Major: Master's in Computer Science

Languages Spoken: Telugu, Hindi and English

Why A-State: The course work for Computer Science at A-State is pretty good and the tuition fee is also affordable to the international students.

Why Am I An International Ambassador: I love to communicate with International students and help them with anything they are facing at A-State.


Yeon Jae (Jessica) Lee

Hometown: Seoul

Home Country: South Korea

Major: Master of Business Administration

Languages Spoken: Korean & English

Favorite Memory of A-State: Having a BBQ party in the A-State Pavilion with Korean students after the mid-term exams. The weather was perfect, and the food was great!

Favorite Campus Building & Why: My favorite A-State building is the Fine Arts Building (where the Department of Music is located). On the second floor, there are pianos open for the public. I like to go there on the weekend to play the piano and other instruments with other students all together!

Favorite Food On-Campus: Einstein Bros. Bagels located in the A-State Humanities building is my favorite! I enjoy having the cinnamon sugar bagel with a strawberry banana smoothie for brunch.


Yue Pan

Hometown: Shanghai

Home Country: China

Major: Master of Business Administration with a concentration in healthcare administration

Languages Spoken: Mandarin & English

Why I Am An International Ambassador: I am willing to help international students get through their tough times, and it will be an unforgettable experience in my life.  

Favorite place on Campus and why: Library! I have found so many interesting books there and the museum inside is full of fun.

Favorite things about A-State: Nice people, beautiful campus, and Einstein Bros. Bagels!!