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Chancellor's Academy

Why Chancellor's Academy?

Are you an international high school sophomore, junior or senior (or at the international equivalent level) and looking to get a head start on your college degree? You can get started with hybrid classes co-taught by Arkansas State University faculty and a teacher at your high school, and earn college credit while still attending high school. A-State is an accredited public university, and the online program is nationally recognized as well as being one of the oldest and largest in the state.

Why Take Courses Online?

  • Get a head start on Gen Ed courses for your degree
  • Classes can be taken from anywhere with high speed internet
  • Coursework is available 24/7, so you can work around your schedule
  • Save money on tuition with online courses

Admission Requirements

Be sure to review the information regarding English proficiency, transcripts, fees and more on the Admissions Requirements page.

Deadline to Apply
Fall 1 2016 Deadlines:
Admit Deadline:8/1/2016