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Faculty & Staff Resources

A strong partnership between university faculty and Career Services can lead to increased student retention, a more self aware and confident student body, community networking opportunities, and more successful alumni.


Classroom Presentations

We specialize in conducting presentations to classes you teach and the student organizations you advise. Consider inviting staff to present career-related topics, such as:

  • How to utilize Career Services.
  • Resume & Cover Letter Development
  • Creating Your Brand; How to Market Yourself
  • Would You Hire the Person in the Mirror? Interview Process & Skills

Realizing that you have direct contact with students, we believe that you are an essential component to the Career Services' ability to effectively deliver career management and employment services.  Make a Presentation Request to schedule a date and topic(s).

Additional Partnership Opportunities

  • Encourage and support the universities operational concept related to career management.
  • Attend career related events and activities on campus and announce and encourage students to attend.
  • Integrate an assignment related to career management into your curriculum. We would enjoy coming to the classroom to teach stages of career management, resumes, cover letters, interviewing and job search strategies.
  • Send us employer referrals and we will be glad to conduct a follow up phone call to inform the employer about the services ASU provides.
  • We would enjoy traveling to employer sites. Site visits are essential in each career field and it is important that we build a relationship with the individuals who hire ASU students.
  • Attend the Career Fairs. Employers welcome faculty to stop by their booths and discuss latest products, trends, and technologies. The acknowledgement that they have taken the time to participate goes a long way in the field of public relations.
  • Attend lunch with an employer who is on campus for interviewing. Employers appreciate meeting and talking with faculty.
  • If an employer has experience that they can share in the classroom, invite them to speak about a specific topic or share general information.
  • If you present a topic such as interviewing, and as part of the assignment the students would be required to conduct a mock interview with a career consultant, we would welcome the opportunity to interview the class.
  • The same is true related to resume and cover letters. If you are covering these topics in your class, ask/require students to make an appointment with a career consultant to review their information. When requiring an exercise such as this, please call and let us know of the assignment. We also have supporting information packets, handouts and PDF documents that cover the mentioned topics. Call 870-972- 3025. We may also be able to arrange for employers to come to campus to assist with the assignment.
  • Use and refer students to the CS website. The site is comprehensive and the students will see a direct benefit from using it.