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Risk Management


The role of Risk Management at ASUJ is to reduce the costs and mitigate the risks associated with its operations and activities. Risk Management accomplishes this by administering certain university business components and activities, working closely with other university departments that have defined risk management responsibilities, and by providing administrative support and guidance to university faculty and staff to manage business components and activities that pose inherent or otherwise identified risks.

Vehicle Safety Program

ASUJ participates in the State of Arkansas (state-mandated) Vehicle Safety Program. 

University Procedure
Vehicle Safety Forms (VSP-1, VSP-2, Safety Tips)

Vehicles Used for University Business

Personal VehiclesEmployees should be aware that when using personal vehicles on state business, their personal automobile insurance is the primary coverage. It is the responsibility of the employee to contact their insurance agent to confirm if "business use" coverage is required. In no circumstance does the State of Arkansas insurance contract provide physical damage coverage for personal vehicles.

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