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Program-Level Assessment Committee (PAC)

Purpose Statement

Program-Assessment Committee (PAC)

Purpose Statement

The Program-Assessment Committee (PAC) at Arkansas State University is charged with the primary responsibility of planning, advising, and directing program-level assessment. The purpose of the PAC is as follows:


  •    Review submitted assessment plans and reports and recommend revisions as appropriate
  •    Verify that assessment results have been used for programmatic improvements (close the loop)
  •    Facilitate the Assessment Grant
  •    Facilitate Learn@Astate
  •    Discuss assessment processes and make recommendations that would improve student learning assessment
  •    Communicate with AAC, Office of Assessment, and Academic Affairs on all matters related to program-level assessment

PAC Members

Dr. Kimberley Davis

Dr. Summer DeProw

Mr. Kevin Downum

Dr. Addie Fleming

Ms. Shelley Gipson

Dr. David Harding

Dr. Myleea Hill

Dr. Gina Hogue

Dr. Martin Huss

Dr. Donald Kennedy

Dr. Paul Mixon

Ms. Nikesha Nesbitt

Dr. Chris Peters

Dr. Melodie Philhours

Ms. Mary Elizabeth Spence

Ms. Elizabeth Wakefield

Dr. Stacy Walz

Mr. Chad Whatley