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A-State Assessment Committee

Purpose Statement

A-State Assessment Committee

Purpose Statement

The A-State Assessment Committee (AAC) at Arkansas State University (A-State) is charged with the primary responsibility of planning and directing assessment at the university level.  The purpose of the AAC is as follows:

  • Reviewing the university learning outcomes and recommending revisions when needed
  • Developing an assessment process for the university learning outcomes
  • Recommending the development, acquisition, and use of attitudinal and other types of surveys/questionnaires as institutional assessment instruments
  • Providing leadership for the development and implementation of campus-wide institutional assessment procedures
  • Establishing and monitoring the University's annual assessment calendar
  • Evaluating the institutional assessment procedures and making recommendations to the University's executive leadership (Chancellor, Provost, VC Student Affairs, VC Finance, etc.)
  • Recommending channels and the types of information that can be routinely communicated campus-wide and to the external constituencies/stakeholders
  • Coordination of all assessment committees on campus--the Program-level Assessment Committee, General Education Committee, and Co-Curricular Assessment Committee
  • Utilizes the A-State shared governance oversight process when appropriate for issues related to campus-wide assessment issues and/or procedures

Membership will consist of the following individuals and representatives:

  • Elected representative/s from the Program Assessment Committee
  • Elected representative/s from the Co-Curricular Assessment Committee
  • Elected representative General Education Committee
  • Elected representative Undergraduate Curriculum Committee
  • Elected representative Graduate Council
  • Undergraduate student who is appointed from Student Government Association
  • Graduate student who is appointed from the Graduate Student Council
  • Director of Assessment and the Office of Assessment team
  • Representative from Academic Affairs

AAC Members

Dr. Summer DeProw

Dr. Lillie Fears

Dr. Mark Foster

Mr. Mdrokib Hasan

Ms. Shelley Gipson

Ms. Tiffany Johnson

Dr. Melodie Philhours

Ms. Kelli Listenbee

Mr. Drew Roberson

Ms. Beth Silverthorn

Ms. Martha Spack

Ms. Mary Elizabeth Spence

Ms. Elizabeth Wakefield

Dr. Wayne Wilkinson