Welcome to Arkansas State University!
The following are ABI Rules of Conduct that are expected of all members of the tour group.
We ask that you are ON TIME as many of the faculty and graduate students involved in doing this activity for you and your students have other obligations including classes and meetings. Late groups will be canceled.
If for some reason you need to cancel or reschedule this trip, notify us as soon as possible to allow us to schedule another group on the waiting list.
Groups should report to the front entrance of the ABI facility. Parking instructions and a map will be sent when tour registration is verified.
This is a secure facility and therefore all members of your party MUST stay with the group at all times. There must be a minimum of 2 adult chaperones with each group.
There is no eating or drinking in this building outside of designated areas.
During the tour we ask that all members of your party respect the nature of this institute which is a high tech working environment. People will be working as we pass through on the tour and we ask that talking outside of questions is kept to a minimum
All supplies used in the demo classroom MUST remain here for subsequent tours unless specific items are identified by the instructor.